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Phunk Artist Spotlight

CryptoPhunks love to celebrate their artists! Each week, one phunky artist gets the spotlight to share their work and artistic journey with the CryptoPhunks community. Taking place mostly in the 🎨︱artist-spotlight channel of the CryptoPhunks Discord server, we’ve showcased creators from all walks of art — digital, hand-drawn, photography, AR/VR, mixed media, audio, generative, 1/1 — you name it, Phunks are creating it! Outside of the Discord, Phunk community member (and previously spotlighted artist) whoiswelanski has set aside a portion of their CryptoVoxels gallery to display the work of the Phunk artist in the spotlight each week.

The Phunk artist currently in the spotlight is HugoFaz. Here’s a blurb from his introduction in the 🎨︱artist-spotlight channel:

I’m Hugo Faz, a performance artist turned imagemaker. I came from the world of finance and corporate commodities trading, but that was a route I took only because I had no artistic references growing up in the brazilian countryside. Only at 30 years old I had experienced enough of the world to finally find out my path was in arts and culture. I was also very fed up with dedicating myself to helping the wrong people make more and more money and all the hypocrisy involved in the corporate world. This is my pfp self portrait from a few years ago. Note how I always preferred facing left.

Phunk Artist Spotlight | HugoFaz

I specifically found my calling while experimenting with performance art — where the artist themselves are the vehicle for conveying the artistic message through their live actions, as opposed to interpreting a character in a preconceived story. It is a very personal type of art when you use your own body as a vehicle fueled by your desires and emotions, and establish a much more direct connection to your audience. This just fit perfectly my repressed need to express myself and no longer conform to what was expected of me.

Hugo has already shared plenty of amazing work during the first day of his spotlight, and plans to share a whole lot more throughout the rest of the week. Whether you own a Phunk or not, stop by the CryptoPhunks Discord server and join in the discussion! You can also check out all of the previously spotlighted artists in the 🎨︱artist-spotlight channel, too.

If you own a CryptoPhunk and would like to be spotlighted, fill out this form.

Not Larva Labs Marketplace Update

If you’ve heard of the CryptoPhunks, you’ve no doubt heard of Not Larva Labs. Part marketplace, part conceptual art piece, Not Larva Labs has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the web3 space since its inception. Headed up by three prominent members of the CryptoPhunks community (Pauly, Chopper, and Kenobi), Not Larva Labs parodies Larva Labs, whose founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson created the CryptoPunks collection and ordered the DMCA that led to the removal of the CryptoPhunks collection from infamous NFT marketplace OpenSea in July of 2021.

Not Larva Labs did not go unnoticed by Larva Labs, although Matt and John never publicly commented on the project. What they did do was release their code for the Larva Labs marketplace to open-source…a few weeks after Not Larva Labs did it first. GG fellas!

Not Larva Labs allows folks to buy, sell, and bid on CryptoPhunks, just like Larva Labs does for CryptoPunks. In the very near future, however, the Not Larva Labs team will be adding a couple new features that are sure to set it apart from its Punk counterpart:

Chinese Language Version: Soon the Not Larva Labs website will be fully accessible in Chinese, allowing speakers of the language to more easily buy, sell, and bid on CryptoPhunks.

v1 CryptoPunks: Larva Labs’ worst nightmare! Soon anyone who wants to will be able to buy, sell, and bid on v1 CryptoPunks via the Not Larva Labs marketplace. In case you missed the v1 Punks drama, catch up on it here.

The short version? Good ol’ Matt & John dumped over 200 ETH worth of v1 CryptoPunks on collectors, then publicly stated that they are not real Punks and DMCA’d the collection. Nice one, guys! Luckily for collectors, neither Matt Hall nor John Watkinson get the final say on what is and is not art, and unluckily for these two, v1 CryptoPunks will soon be available for trading on Not Larva Labs.

Phar Out Marketplace Update

CryptoPhunks have become synonymous with web3 efforts towards decentralization, and so in true phunky spirit a team of Phunks are working on another marketplace where folks will be able to buy, sell, and bid on any NFT, not just CryptoPhunks!

Tireless builder phunkyJON started this project, and was recently joined by whalegoddess as the second dev on what they hope will be a three-person team. These Phunks have incredibly ambitious goals for this project — they plan to deliver a complete marketplace experience with user profiles, public chat spaces, direct messaging to Ethereum wallet addresses, plus loads of additional features like phunky merch, encrypted messaging, video chats, music, gaming and more. The platform will allow for transactions with the $PHUNKY token — which was built and deployed by CryptoPhunk community member dvcoolster and is generated daily and redeemable by holders of CryptoPhunk NFTs — as well as a long list of other more common ERC20 tokens, like Ethereum.

If this marketplace platform project interests you, stop by the 🪐︱phar-out-dev channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server to ask questions, start discussions, or ask about joining the project team. And if you’re able, please consider minting a Phar Out NFT to help fund development of the Phar Out Marketplace. Each of these NFTs offers the holder the ability to bypass platform fees on the upcoming full marketplace, as well as collect daily rewards from fees collected, whether that’s ETH or other ERC-20’s. And each one also includes a phunky meme or artwork created by a member of the CryptoPhunks community!

New Phunk MUZIK track — “Motive”

The CryptoPhunks community has no shortage of talented artists, and included among those ranks are a few musicians who are breaking ground in the world of music NFTs.

Two such phunky musicians, slickjermaine and nadirnomad, recently teamed up to drop the latest track under what is collectively being referred to as PhunkMUZIK. “Motive” blends the unique styles of the two rappers over a minimalist beat that serves to isolate and elevate the lyrical flow that each Phunk provides. Also featuring the vocals of Breana Marin on the hook, “Motive” is a must-listen for anyone in the CryptoPhunks community, and a Holy Grail for the winner of the auction for its 1/1 NFT (auction ends on 3/4 at 11am CST).

Interested in checking out the other phunky tracks released by PhunkMUZIK musicians? Check out the 🎵︱phunkmuzik channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server to chat with the artists and view the full PhunkMUZIK discography (pinned post).


Interested in the history of the CryptoPhunks? Then look no further than PHUNK PHACTS: The Satirical Storyboard Based on CryptoPhunk Matters.

Initial CryptoPhunks Mint — v1

Created by CryptoPhunk community member Very William, PHUNK PHACTS provides an illustrated account of the rise of the CryptoPhunks, from the initial mint through all three OpenSea delistings and beyond.

For more information on the PHUNK PHACTS project, take a look at Very William’s own Medium article, which details each piece in the PHUNK PHACTS collection and the bits of CryptoPhunks history that inspired them.

Phunks in Metaverse

Still in the very early stages of development, a group of CryptoPhunks are working to create a phunky metaverse experience in NFT Worlds.

CryptoPhunk community member goodthings (or snotboogy, as he is known in the CryptoPhunks Discord server) owns a plot in NFT Worlds and has graciously offered up a slice of it to the CryptoPhunks community. Eventually the goal is to build a token-gated world chock-full of games that allow Phunks to earn $WRLD tokens for playing.

Phunky builders 9999999333, Merlin, and Lowkey Luke are already experimenting in Minecraft and building out what could become the first iteration of PhunkWorld. Here are some early screenshots of their work:

Interested in getting involved with the development of PhunkWorld? Stop by the 🌎︱nftworlds channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server and join in the discussion!


What’s up, Mfer? If you’re into NFTs then you’ve no doubt witnessed the rise of the Mfers collection and community. Created by the mysterious sartoshi, the Mfers share the same love for decentralization and grassroots community building as the CryptoPhunks. Rather than shunning and DMCA’ing derivative collections (*cough LarvaLabs cough*), the Mfers embrace and welcome derivatives of the project into their larger community…

Which brings us to the FFMfers! Combining the Mfers aesthetic with the fast food parody style made popular by Fast Food Punks, the FFMfers are minting now for just 0.0069 ETH each.

So why talk about these Mfers here in this newsletter? Well, because they were created by members of the CryptoPhunks community, of course! OG Phunks MadYakK, Mort, and Strug teamed up to build this project out in just a few short days. FFMfers are their first foray into the world of generative NFT collections, so if you like the way these Mfers look, consider hiring them and supporting these phunky artists today!

Phunky Phresh Merch

Like what you read here in Sup Phunks! Vol. 1? Whether or not you own a CryptoPhunk, join us in our community-led Discord server to get in on the phunky action!



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