Sup Phunks! Vol. 3

A newsletter showcasing the work of the CryptoPhunks community


CryptoPhunks Back on OpenSea

The day of reckoning arrived, and boy was it sweet! After 9 long months of banishment from OpenSea, where a majority of NFTs are (for some odd reason) bought and sold, the CryptoPhunks collection is once again listed on the platform! On March 24th, 2022, the CryptoPhunks community lawyered up and issued a DMCA counter notice to OpenSea which was forwarded to the complaining party. After 14 business days of radio silence from Larva Labs (who originally issued the DMCA) and Yuga Labs (who now owns the CryptoPunks IP), Phunk lawyer Krystal Noga-Styron broke the news on April 13th, 2022, that the CryptoPhunks collection had been relisted on OpenSea for the third and (hopefully) final time!

This relisting marked a major victory for the CryptoPhunks community over the centralized powers that have worked since this project’s inception to censor and dismiss us. The CryptoPhunks community stands for a truly decentralized and censorship-resistant future for web3, and finally overturning the most egregious act of censorship committed against us has energized the community and strengthened our resolve. The CryptoPhunks are here to stay, whether you like it or not!

Here are a few highlights from the timeline on relisting day:

Who doesn’t love a Hard Rock Nick Cameo?
Meme Queen ClaudiaKrypto strikes again!
Words of congrats from Ape Phunk maxi GoingParabolic

We even got a brand new addition to Very William’s PHUNK PHACTS: The Satirical Storyboard Based on CryptoPhunk Matters!

Nobody works a chainsaw quite like PhunkyJON

Although the battle has been won and the CryptoPhunks collection is relisted on OpenSea, the CryptoPhunks community still encourages anyone interested in buying, selling, or bidding on Phunks to use Not Larva Labs, our community-built and zero-fee marketplace. Why send 2.5% to OpenSea and another 2.5% to the scamming dev team that rugged the CryptoPhunks project when you can pay absolutely no fees at all? Trade Phunks the phunky way!

Phunky Phresh Merch

The Phunky Phresh team has been hard at work preparing for their first drop — three unique sweatsuit designs featuring Phunks sourced from members of the community. Designed by wheresrvthm and his team at CRE8, each sweatsuit will be made of 490 GSM pre-shrunk French terry cotton with custom embroidery for the Phunk logo and puff-print vinyl for the lettering.

This past month saw the addition of PhunkyJON to the Phunky Phresh team. You may remember him from the Phar Out Marketplace project, which was covered in the first two volumes of Sup Phunks! and will have an update later on in this volume as well. PhunkyJon is working on building out the minting website and wiring up the custom contracts, which are being built and deployed by OG Phunk NFTenchi.

Last month’s Sup Phunks! included the Ape Pham design, which features CryptoPhunks community member 9999999333’s ape Phunk #2243:

It is now my pleasure to reveal the other two sweatsuit designs! Up first is the Zombie Pham design, which features middlemarch’s zombie v1 Phunk #2484:

And rounding out the collection is the Alien Pham design, which features EggBoi’s (yes, that’s me!) alien Phunk #7804:

Phunky Phresh sweatsuit NFTs will be 0.08 ETH each, and will be retained by the holder after claiming the physical item with plans to include utility for metaverse wearable versions in the future. Each NFT will act as a receipt, which you will use to claim your physical sweatsuit and submit your shipping/size information once minting has closed. Your personal information will be encrypted across a distributed global network, only viewable by the CRE8 team and void of any identifying information that could link your specific order back to your ETH wallet.

Each sweatsuit design will have a maximum supply of 333, making a total of 999 sweatsuits for the entire drop. With CryptoPhunks being a community-driven project, the team has decided to implement mint incentives for each sweatsuit design at the 111, 222, and 333 mint milestones. These mint incentives will equate to 9 ETH in community give-backs!

Funds accumulated from this Phunky Phresh sweatsuit drop will be distributed as follows:

Keep on the lookout in the coming weeks for a full Medium article detailing the Phunky Phresh sweatsuit drop. If you’re looking to get in touch with the Phunky Phresh team or get involved with the project, stop by the 👕︱phunky-phresh-merch channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server.

Phunk Artist Spotlight

CryptoPhunks love to celebrate their artists! Each week, one phunky artist gets the spotlight to share their work and artistic journey with the CryptoPhunks community. Taking place mostly in the 🎨︱artist-spotlight channel of the CryptoPhunks Discord server, we’ve showcased creators from all walks of art — digital, hand-drawn, photography, AR/VR, mixed media, audio, generative, 1/1 — you name it, Phunks are creating it! Outside of the Discord, CryptoPhunks community member (and previously spotlighted artist) whoiswelanski has set aside a portion of their CryptoVoxels gallery to display the work of our spotlighted Phunk artists in the metaverse.

April was a lighter month for the Phunk Artist Spotlight, but we still had two amazing Phunk artists share their work with the community:

TEJI is a mysterious lad who shared this video of himself trolling the biggest art museum in Australia by installing this artwork in their gallery:

He hinted that he has “more probably illegal things coming featuring Phunks” in store, which he will share with the CryptoPhunks community in a future spotlight. You can jump to the beginning of TEJI’s Phunk Artist Spotlight HERE.

Dovetail returned to the Phunk Artist Spotlight, this time with a focus on the Phunk-inspired art that he has been creating for the past two months. His work includes physical paintings, digital remasters and remixes, and animated gifs of various CryptoPhunks. You can jump to the beginning of dovetail’s Phunk Artist Spotlight HERE.

Middlemarch began his Phunk Artist Spotlight today, and will be sharing his art and leading discussion in the 🎨︱artist-spotlight channel of the CryptoPhunks Discord server through May 8th. Like dovetail, middlemarch’s work is largely inspired by CryptoPhunks/CrytpoPunks. You can jump to the beginning of middlemarch’s Phunk Artist Spotlight HERE.

Phunks Knowledge Base Museum

In last month’s Sup Phunks! I shared OG Phunk iApe’s newest contribution to the CryptoPhunks community, the Phunks Knowledge Base gitbook. Since then, he has added a new Museum section, which is dedicated to works of phunky art created by members of the CryptoPhunks community. This Museum currently features works from phunky artists like PIV, Kenobi, dovetail, VeryWilliam, middlemarch, Phunky Vasilios, and more!

One of the many pieces created by Phunky Vasilios

Not Larva Labs Marketplace Update

The Phunks over at Not Larva Labs, the community-built zero-fee marketplace for buying, selling, and bidding on CryptoPhunks, have some new updates to share this month:

Multiple Phunk Transactions: The Not Larva Labs marketplace has been integrated into This NFT marketplace aggregator tool allows multiple Phunks to be purchased in a single transaction.

Phunk Box: Users can now search via wallet address or ens name to see all of the Phunks owned by an individual wallet.

Dark Mode: Don’t strain your eyes while browsing for CryptoPhunks! Not Larva Labs now features a dark mode, which can be toggled on and off using the black and white circle in the top-right corner of the webpage.

Custom Phunk PFPs: A color picker tool now lives on the webpage for individual CryptoPhunks that allows users to easily customize and download a pfp version of their Phunk. Users can choose a background color, border color, and either a circle, square, or hexagon for the shape.

v1 CryptoPunks: As promised, the Phunks at Not Larva Labs have expanded their marketplace to include v1 CryptoPunks. The v1 Punks marketplace has all of the same functionality as the CryptoPhunks marketplace, including pissing off the boys at Larva Labs.

And, as mentioned in past couple volumes of Sup Phunks!, Not Larva Labs is also gearing up to release a Chinese language version of the website in the near future.

This last one isn’t an NLL update, per se, but it is interesting! CryptoPhunks community members dovetail and huck teamed up to create this infographic that lays out the timeline of events that led up to the creation of Not Larva Labs and beyond. Check it out!

Phar Out Marketplace Update

If you’re unfamiliar with the Phar Out Marketplace project, catch up by reading this section in Sup Phunks! Vol. 1 and Sup Phunks! Vol. 2. And if you want more frequent updates than once a month, follow Phar Out Labs on Twitter or join the Phar Out Labs Discord server.

The mainnet Phar Out Marketplace is fully engaged and ready for public testing, although very much still a work in progress. All functionalities — including but not limited to listing, buying, offering ERC-20 tokens, trading, bidding and claiming rewards — have been rigorously tested through Rinkeby. PhunkyJON, the builder behind this revolutionary and expansive marketplace project, has listed 2 NFTs for sale. Go check it out! You can now trade any NFT through the Phar Out Marketplace for any ERC-20 token that you wish.

Aside from building out the marketplace functionality, PhunkyJON has also added another interesting feature to the Phar Out ecosystem: a Community Library currently featuring educational books on coding and cryptography, along with literary and philosophical books for growth of the soul. Any user, if they are signed up, can add a book to the library to preserve and share with the Phar Out community. This library is just the beginning of the Phar Out Labs education center, and any work shared or preserved should be done so with the intention of higher education, not for commercial use or financial gain. Added materials should fall within Fair Use guidelines. Set your mind phree!

The best way to support PhunkyJON and the continued development of his Phar Out Marketplace is by minting a Phar Out NFT for 0.1 ETH. The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will go towards funding dev expenses and ensuring that the team is paid a living wage for their full-time work on the project. Each NFT offers the holder the ability to bypass platform fees on the marketplace, as well as collect daily rewards from fees collected, whether that’s ETH or other ERC-20’s.

If you’re interested in joining the project, or even just the discussion, stop by the 🪐︱phar-out-dev channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server. The team is specifically looking for JS devs and a web designer to help out with front-end work, but even something as simple as testing out the website and reporting on your experience can go a long way.

New Phunk MUZIK

Not only does the CryptoPhunks community have a wealth of genius coders, tireless web3 builders, and visual/conceptual artists — we also have incredibly talented musicians who have come to be collectively know as Phunk MUZIK! This group of artists have their own dedicated 🎵︱phunkmuzik channel in the CryptoPhunks Discord server where they share updates on their latest musical projects and releases. Some of the highlights from April are:

Nadir Nomad dropped a fresh new track early on in April called “Dark Night.” Nadir also teamed up with Southside City and created a new track called “The Phunk,” which has yet to be fully released but was featured in the trailer for the upcoming metaverse game’s v0.01 Tech Demo.

whoiswelanski, the alternative/electronic pop music duo from Germany who were previously showcased in the Phunk Artist Spotlight, dropped a new track titled “It ain’t me” which is available for purchase on Mint Songs for 0.008 wETH.

SK1N is new to the Phunk MUZIK collective. After a 7-month hiatus from producing new music, he recently shared his new track “exhausted” with the CryptoPhunks community, which was a collaborative effort between SK1N (vocals) and some of his friends.

Billyracxx, cult leader and the artist behind phunky smash hits such as CRYPTOPHUNK ANTHEM, PHUNK TOWN, and Sweep the Floor, has hinted that CRYPTOPHUNK ANTHEM PT. 2 is coming soon.

Phunks in the Metaverse

NFT Worlds: CryptoPhunks community member goodthings (or snotboogy, as he is known in the CryptoPhunks Discord server) plans to offer up a slice of his NFT World to the CryptoPhunks community where Phunks can meet up and play games to earn $WRLD.

The finer details of this project are still being ironed out by snotboogy, but phunky builders 9999999333, Merlin, and Lowkey Luke have already gotten a headstart on building out an early version of Phunkworld in Minecraft, which can later be ported into snotboogy’s NFT World server. They shared some screenshots of their early work in Sup Phunks! Vol. 1, and they’ve got more to share today:

CryptoVoxels: As mentioned in the Phunk Artist Spotlight section of this newsletter, CryptoPhunks community member whoiswelanski has set aside a portion of their CryptoVoxels gallery to display the work of our spotlighted Phunk artists. They are currently displaying works from Aaron Ricketts, Hugo Faz, Galavis, and TEJI.

Southside City: Headed up by CryptoPhunks community member The Professor, Southside City aims to be the wild west of the metaverse. Drawing heavily from the feedback of passionate and dedicated community members, the project has made great strides in the past month towards delivering it’s first playable v0.01 Tech Demo. The team recently released a trailer for this demo, which features a brand new and unreleased track by Phunk MUZIK artist Nadir Nomad titled “The Phunk.”

For a full breakdown of the ambitious goals of SSC, check out their website or their whitepaper.

Like what you read here in Sup Phunks! Vol. 3? Whether or not you own a CryptoPhunk, join us in our community-led Discord server to get in on the phunky action!



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